The Colours of Summer


What a beautiful sight on a sunny, general meeting evening. And this isn't all of them. At one point we could count 16 Mokes outside the club room.

2017 Encouragement Award

Finally presented to Rebecca and Leigh Luxford by President Cliff. The Luxfords received the award because from the date they joined they came to all meetings and attended all trips up until they went on their 5 month round Australia trip - and therefore missed the Presentation Lunch. Also Rebecca took minutes several times at the meetings when the Secretary couldn't make it.


Video: 1987 Templestowe Hill Climb

Mark Radford (#180) has recently found and converted a Super 8 film of this event. This amazing day in club history now has its permanent home in VIC MOKE our You Tube Channel. See Video Links in Quick Links at the bottom of this page or

Mark's Other Find

Let's let Mark tell the story:

So, I was screwing the downpipe to the shed wall. I went to use the Angle Grinder to cut a pipe … and the power had gone off.
The Safety Switch had tripped. I had screwed through the Shed wall and through the power cable. In order to repair the power cable I had to pull out a shelf. An old shelf, covered in dust, dirt, mouse poo, etc.
I cleared everything off the shelf and unscrewed it off the wall. As I lifted it off I noticed an unusual ‘shape’ in amongst the grime.
It was a metal map of Australia ... with some engraving on it.
I took it inside and, with the help of some ‘Silvo’ and elbow grease, I polished it up.
The inscription is:
To Cappy

from The Boys of the 2nd 108 Transport


Many years ago I had this little Map on the front of my Green Moke. It travelled thousands of kilometres around Australia.When I painted the Moke red I took it off and haven’t seen it since. What a treasure!

Editor's Notes:

  1. Cappy was Mark's grandfather.
  2. Can anyone suggest what metal the plaque might be? Mark says: "No rust and not brass."
  3. The hunt is on. Can anyone find a photo of this plaque on Mark's Moke when it was painted green?
    Mark can't.