As of the April meeting we had 270 members. The number just keeps on growing. 33 scanned in on the night and we had several family and friends along as well. Thanks to all for coming. Bevan Slater was one of the members present. He came from Queensland to be with us ... and also to pick up a 'truck load' of parts for his Moke project.

Easter Raffle

Congratulations to all members and friends who participated. Between us we raised $228.20 for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Our treasurer will top this up so the total sent will be $250. That's being of some good in the community as our constitution requires.

The winner of the massive basket of Easter Eggs was Bob Phillips. We hope he isn't diabetic.


2 or 4 Seats?

What do you know about your VIN plate? It's under the bonnet secured to the firewall. Was your Moke built to carry 2 or 4? It will tell you. It will tell the police too if they decided to check. Paul Eaves told us they are out looking in Victoria.

  • If the plate says 4 there should be no problem.
  • If it says 2 and you have 2 there should be no problem.
  • If it says 2 and you have 4 and it has been registered that way you are advised to carry a copy of your rego to prove it.
  • If it says 2 and you have 4 and the extras haven't been included on your rego it is likely the car will be classed as unroadworthy. You will likely need an engineer's certificate to change that situation. Contact the Secretary if you need help with this.

Video: Day Trip to Donna

The 're-enactment' of the first organised road trip of the Moke Owners' Association of Victoria went off really well. Eighteen (18) Mokes, 2 OVs with about 30 people convoyed from Lilydale to Mt. Donnabuang. Trip Leader Ron Dickson provided a couple of videos at the meeting, the first of which is just a little bit crazy. You can see them on the Moke club You Tube Channel which is titled VICMOKE:

6 Wheel Moke Project

Bevan is building a 6 wheel Moke. The first photo shows what the main donor body looked like when he found it in a paddock near Toowoomba. The second shows it ready for his engineer to track test. It's certainly not finished but what an effort has gone into it so far!

We wish Bevan all the luck he deserves as he moves on towards getting it registered for road use. (We also hope has at least one pair of shorts with bottomless pockets.) See more of this project in May Tracks.

bevan6w1 bevan6w2