Day 1 ... July 16th

Bruce Trollope (Member 1520) was out of the blocks early. His first photo arrived at 09:49. Seems like he couldn't 'bear' to stay in bed.

bruce1 day1

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bruce2 day


Signs in colour


Signs in grey scale 


What's It All About?

  • Our constitution declares that we should " of some good to the community".
  • Our government declares that we should not leave home except for four specific reasons.

Put those two constraints together and they give us the freedom to make every Thursday in lock down Mokin' Your Day Day.

We have well over 100 Mokes garaged in the Melbourne / Mitchell area. Everybody loves Mokes. They make people smile. Let's get out - but not about - and show off our reason to smile.

  • You drive, push, tow your Moke to the top of your driveway, or your front lawn, or the nature strip or the street and make sure it can be seen.
  • You print any of the attached pages you like to stick on your windscreen.
  • You add whatever other joys you wish to cheer the hearts of passers-by. Use your Mokreatvity.

You don't even have to be there, but do take a photo (hi res) and send it to the Trip Leader below. This is an official club trip every Thursday in lock down. If you send a photo you get an attendance point. Include your name and number.

  • If you don't like the printing supplied, Mokreate your own, but please somehow include the slogan Mokin' Your Day.
  • At the end of the day - or however long you can leave the Moke out - bring it in again. If it's dirty or dusty, that's great. Cleaning it will give you something to do before the next Thursday.
  • If you aren't a Melbourne / Mitchell Mokee, feel free to put your Moke out in solidarity with those in lock down.
  • If the top of your driveway is in the middle of nowhere, then save one of the four reasons for each Thursday and at least park your car with the signs on it while you shop for essentials or give care, or attend your medical appointment.
  • If you have multiple Mokes ... what an opportunity!

This is the easiest club trip ever. Give it a go. You may never know, but it just might be as important to the way someone feels about their day as a teddy or rainbow was during last lock down. Even if only two people happen to come past, that's two potentially happier people going on their way.

It's every Thursday in lockdown.

Bring your Moke out, but not out and about.

You'll be Mokin' someone's day.

More details?

  • Photos to Doug 0401 177 775 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Attachments are above.
  • The PDF files are landscape.
  • Check your printer settings before printing.
  • If you have club plates and you take your car off your property fill out your log book.
    (We have checked and you don't need to enter in your log book if you are just parking on the street.)

Who else was there?

Next came Max Pemberton (Member 1365) with 'Breezy'. Love the way he placed the signs.

max2 day1

 His message was "Have a good day. Keep safe and stay well."

Graeme and Susan Deller (Member 1552) from Geelong, outside the restricted area, were "Supporting all members in lockdown.".

graemesue1 day1 graemesue2 day1


What a great idea wrote Gordon Paterson (Member 1342) and his Moke joined the trip.

gordon day1

At the end of the day Gordon had proof that we were indeed using our Mokes ' be of some good to the community'. He wrote:

  • "It worked out a great day. I had a few people stop and take a picture of my Moke."


Then there was Trevor Mitchell (Member 643). He was on Eastern Moke Time - a day late, no signs and more interested in his own problems than giving the neighbours a bit of a lift. But it gives me a lift every time I think of him trying to set his point spacing with a crow bar. The man's gotta get an attendance point 'cos he must have spent all of Thursday thinking this up.

trevor day1


Day 2 ... July 23rd

 bruce1 day2

Bruce (1520) couldn't bear staying in bed again. He had his Moke out at the letterbox before 8am. Wonder what the postie thought.

max day2

Max (1365) tells us he had to sit on the front verandah with a shotgun to protect the dunny rolls.



Gordon (1342) got really brave and put his on the street. Actually he tells us that this is the second most exciting thing he has planned for this lock down week. Apparently the first is Christmas Dinner in July on Saturday with Gill, a roast chicken and all the trimmings.


graemesue1 day1 graemesue2 day1


 Mr. President, Glenn Golds (Member 497L) took a Pink Panther Power approach to the day. Given the colour of his Moke, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may have been appropriate too. Cowabunga!!

glenn3 day2 glenn1 day2



Day 3 ... July 30th ... Christmas in July


graemesue1 day1 graemesue2 day1

Gordon (1342) was first on the street this morning with a clear message to the locals.


graemesue1 day1


Yvonne & John Baldock (Members 1426) and the dog

joined the fun with a different view:

"Hi All

Perhaps we can't take this many people,
... but sometimes,
... maybe?"


Check the sign on the back bumper.
A little optimistic perhaps.


graemesue1 day1 graemesue2 day1

Mr President (497L) has really got the message. Even Percy the Pink Panther has his mask on.

graemesue1 day1 graemesue2 day1

Max (1365) says he got lots of smiles when he left his Moke on display and went in for his oncology appointment.

He had lots of smiles when he returned too.
He was in such a rush to get to his appointment he had left the keys in the car. They were still there when he returned. Of course.
The world is full of good people.

Including Bruce (1520) and Lee and the kids who got that bear out again and ... oh wow!

bruce1 day3 bruce2 day3

Rhonda tells us that if you find our Facebook page you'll see other Mokees from all over who are getting into the act.


 See ya' for the next leg of the trip. Thursday August 6th.

Just get your Moke out there with signs on.
They really do Moke the Day for people