Congratulations to the Committee of the Moke Owners' Association of Victoria who surprised the members with a gift through the mail during Covid Lockdown. Huge thanks to the person who came up with the idea and those who carried it through.

Members, to add your personal touch to the rogues' gallery below, just snap a selfie or an elsie (that's a selfie taken by someone else) and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0401 177 775 with your name.

However, when your mask arrives, keep an eye on the stuffed toys. Graeme's cute and cuddlies took one look at them lying beside the just opened envelope, swept them up, dived for the Moke and took off for a drive.

masktoys2 masktoys1




By the time Graeme and Lyn caught up, they had reached the beach. Fortunately for everyone the whole event happened within a 5km radius of home.

Those pesky critters are never going to get near the masks - or the Moke keys - ever again.

There endeth another Toy Story.


Challenge 1:
Match the Mad Mixed Masked Mokees to their names below the gallery. The more people who send a photo the harder the challenge will be.

smmasknoorp smmaskscottw smmaskcathp smmaskrhonda
smmaskdoug smmaskpeterb smmaskadele smmaskcraig
smmaskmarie smmaskhelen smmasknoorj



??? smmaskmalinda smmaskglenn ???


Match the Mad Mixed Masked Mokees to their names.

Malinda, Craig, Jeanette, Gordon, Adele, Doug, Peter B., Marie, Scott W., Cath, Peter N., Rhonda, Helen, Glenn ...

Take no prisoners! Answers may never be released.

Challenge 2:
Ten Mad Mixed Masked Mokees turned up at a Club meeting (that was all that was allowed by the 4 square metre per person rule). Their name tags were handed out at random. There is only one way that they could all be correct. Any other way would be wrong for someone.

  • How many ways could they be wrong?