Mokin' it to 90


John (Pop) Almond turned 90 recently and it was wonderful to have him on board with us at the Annual Presentation Dinner.

John got his nickname when he joined the club in 1983 - we all thought he was old when he joined.  Ha! ha! ... Now a lot of us are the age he was when he joined (or older!). Perhaps the laugh's on us after all.

At the dinner Pop was presented with his 35 year membership award and he won a bottle of wine in the raffle! The perfect partner to the cheese board and knife set won by his son Lee. We believe Lee was the nominated driver so Pop could have a drink. That all worked out pretty well then didn't it (wink, wink).

Pop is an absolute card and a true Mokee! More power to ya' Pop.

(Photo taken at Pop's 90th which several Mokees attended at the invitation of the family. Click to enlarge.)

Moken Up The Middle: 10th Anniversary

At the June 2018 General Meeting those present were treated to a few photos of a club trip in 2008 from Melbourne to Alice and back. Up via the Oodnadatta Track and back via the Stuart Highway. The purpose of the presentation was to:

  • Celebrate this memorable moment in club history.
  • Encourage members to take the opportunity of joining any other such adventure when it comes along in the future.

Such an opportunity will come. The club has a long history of successfully biting off more than others think we can chew. Let the sample of photos below tempt you then check out this site:

for the full story with many more photos, captions, preparation information, costs, poetry written on the way and much more.

For a better view of the sample photos shown here:

  • Click a photo to enlarge it.
  • Then use the Next or Previous buttons, or arrow keys, to move through all the photos.
  • Buttons are near the top right and left and show when the mouse moves over them.

mokealic       moken002       moken025

moken028       moken032       moken048

moken050       moken053       moken054

moken065       moken096       moken105

moken107       moken108       moken159

After Down and Dirty

It doesn't have to be a trip through the Simpson Desert to get your soft top dirty. Just driving to the shop can do that. But what do you do to clean it? Here's a bit of advice from Dean of Straight Line Motor Trimming which he offered to members at the June General Meeting.

  • Keep it clean. Wash regularly with warm water and nothing stronger than a little quality kitchen detergent.
  • If it's really, really dusty you could blow some off first with an air compressor.
  • Definitely regularly blow out lift-the-dots with the compressor.
  • If necessary use a little squirt of silicone spray.
  • Same with zippers.
  • When lifting-the-dot be sure to slide the clip to front of post before lifting.
  • On the roof and clears a light spray with Mr. Sheen and a rub will increase waterproofing.
  • If dripping through the seams annoys you can seal the seans using a wax stick and a hairdryer.

And here's one for the books - or should that be bots. If you have tombstone seats Straight Line now have seat warmers with or without built in massage!

Is There A Resto In You?

That was the question addressed to a panel of three Resto-Achievers at the April 2018 general meeting. Actually the question was addressed to the audience by panel chairperson Terry Pollard who had prepared a set of questions and slides to draw out the wisdom of experience from Clive Allan, Axel Bendix and Peter Shackleton. The meeting was well attended and helped many members to consider - or reconsider - their desire to restore a Moke.

Key considerations from the discussion were:

  • Whatever budget you set and whatever time you allow, a restoration will cost you at least twice as much in time and money as you expected.
  • Where will you work? Where will you store? How will you move efficiently between the two areas?
  • The body is the focus. Put your energy into getting it right. The rest is a meccano set you take apart and put back together.
  • As you deconstruct, photograph, label, categorise and store. Reconstruction will be so much easier if you do this well.
  • Some parts of the process might be better passed over to a professional - sand blasting for example.
  • You can do it and you don't have to do it alone. There is always someone in the club who will help you learn.
  • Keep on the good side of the domestic financial controller. Promise of a ride when it's done may not be enough.

Now some words of wisdom from each of the panel members:

Peter Shackleton

peter   This 1979 Moke was purchased in 2004 with a restoration deadline of the 2006 Muster. It was completely dismantled before a bolt by bolt restoration. The shell was in magnificent condition and only had a small amount of rust in the front driver’s pannier box. Bumps and dints particularly to the rear and front passenger side needed work. A rotisserie is an essential piece of equipment and cuts tens of hours off a restoration (including painting). Happy to lend it ... when I finish my next one!

restops1     restops2     restops3


Axel Bendix

axel   Mokes are a great car to restore as there isnt really any rounded panels and they are about as simple a car as there is. Take lots of photos and label everything. Take your time and enjoy the journey. There is always plenty of people in the club ready to lend a hand and some friendly advice.

restoab1     restoab2     restoab4

Clive Allan

clive   Don’t be intimidated by people who have done a restoration. You don’t need any particular skills other than perseverance and having the desire to “give it a go”.

restops1     restops2     restops3


GM February 2018

The Colours of Summer


What a beautiful sight on a sunny, general meeting evening. And this isn't all of them. At one point we could count 16 Mokes outside the club room.

2017 Encouragement Award

Finally presented to Rebecca and Leigh Luxford by President Cliff. The Luxfords received the award because from the date they joined they came to all meetings and attended all trips up until they went on their 5 month round Australia trip - and therefore missed the Presentation Lunch. Also Rebecca took minutes several times at the meetings when the Secretary couldn't make it.


Video: 1987 Templestowe Hill Climb

Mark Radford (#180) has recently found and converted a Super 8 film of this event. This amazing day in club history now has its permanent home in VIC MOKE our You Tube Channel. See Video Links in Quick Links at the bottom of this page or

Mark's Other Find

Let's let Mark tell the story:

So, I was screwing the downpipe to the shed wall. I went to use the Angle Grinder to cut a pipe … and the power had gone off.
The Safety Switch had tripped. I had screwed through the Shed wall and through the power cable. In order to repair the power cable I had to pull out a shelf. An old shelf, covered in dust, dirt, mouse poo, etc.
I cleared everything off the shelf and unscrewed it off the wall. As I lifted it off I noticed an unusual ‘shape’ in amongst the grime.
It was a metal map of Australia ... with some engraving on it.
I took it inside and, with the help of some ‘Silvo’ and elbow grease, I polished it up.
The inscription is:
To Cappy

from The Boys of the 2nd 108 Transport


Many years ago I had this little Map on the front of my Green Moke. It travelled thousands of kilometres around Australia.When I painted the Moke red I took it off and haven’t seen it since. What a treasure!

Editor's Notes:

  1. Cappy was Mark's grandfather.
  2. Can anyone suggest what metal the plaque might be? Mark says: "No rust and not brass."
  3. The hunt is on. Can anyone find a photo of this plaque on Mark's Moke when it was painted green?
    Mark can't.

Sing Yourself Silly with Santa

Santa The Red-Nosed Mokee

Doug Williams # 2

Santa the red-nosed Mokee
Has a very shiny nose
That's because he takes his roof off
Ev'ry bloomin' where he goes.

All of the other Mokees
Think that Santa's cooked his brain.
They'll always have their roof up
In the sun or in the rain.

Then one full moon Christmas Eve
Santa thought anew.
Night's the time for roof down fun
In my red suit I won't turn blue.

Then all the other Mokees
Knew that Santa got it right.
Now they always take their roof off
On the run to see the Christmas lights.


Santa The Red-Nosed Mokee

Graeme Hardiman # 1399

Santa the red-nosed Mokee
Has a very shiny nose
That's because he takes his roof off
Ev'ry bloomin' where he goes.

All of the other Mokees
Haven’t got a bloomin’ clue,
How to take their flamin' roof off,
As it has been set with glue.

‘Til one soggy Christmas eve,
Santa came to say
All you other Mokees
Here is how to play.

Now all the Mokes together
Head to help Santa's sleigh
They filled all their Mokes with presents
Made the kids' Christmas Day.