Captured at the Club Meeting

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Box Hill TAFE organised a 33km fundraising walk for local charities from the Box HIll Campus to the Lilydale Campus. They asked for Mokes as support vehicles. Club members responded because ... well helping out in the community is what we do. The certificate is a thank you for our effort. And look at how much was raised on the day. Wow!

Talking of fundraising, who could go past this unique shop set up at every meeting by Bruce & Diane Stevens. Coasters and number plate frames are new this month. The frames come with and without the comment 'Mokin' is not a wealth hazard'. Get yours while they last. Come to a meeting or contact Bruce and Diane using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mates Meet After 28 Years

These two Mokes had not been together for almost 3 decades when they found themselves side by side at the February club meeting.


Missy, on the left, belongs to Paul and Marie Eaves. Paul bought her (Missy, not Marie) as a paddock bomb in 1982 for $125. She was on the road in 1984 after spending just $3,500 - and who knows how many hours. (The dollar equivalent today would be ...?)

Robin Booth, lived 'around the corner' and was creating Griffin at the same time. Through the early 80s they helped each other create the vehicles that would fulfil their dream of joining other MOAV members in an assault on Cape York in 1986. Both vehicles were finished and primed for the trek. Missy made it - there and back - but in the later stages of planning, life changed for Robin and Griffin had to keep the garage warm in Melbourne. However, some time later Robin was able to join other club members in an attempt at the Canning Stock Route, so Griffin finally got to eat serious dirt.

In the early 90s Robin sold Griffin to a farmer in Gippsland and moved interstate. The last time these Moke Mates were together was probably 1989. No wonder they were given pride of place at the front door of the club rooms.

Missy has never left Paul and Marie's care, but Griffin disappeared for years.

Then in 2002 Terry Pollard was shown photos of a Moke for sale in Gippsland. He recognised parts as unique to Griffin, bought him and brought him back to Melbourne for re-creation. It was on again. Terry beavered away on Griffin from 2004 to 2006 with the aim of taking it to the first National Moke Muster in Shepparton in 2006. Terry has been tweaking Griffin ever since and admits that there are still one or two things he would like to fix (mmm... are they oil stains under the rego plate?). But a balmy midsummer evening and the knowledge that Paul was also bringing Missy was a reunion opportunity too good to miss. They certainly became a talking point for the evening.

(Note: Robin also built a serious trailer in the Griffin style that was sold around the same time as Griffin. If anyone ever comes across a trailer on two Moke subframes that could transport about a tonne, let Terry know.)

Scott's Scrappy Trip

Scott Williams and his Moke, Scrap Douglas, have gone to the USA for a trip. It took a bit of organising, but as the story unfolds you will see it was worth it.
Tell us all about it Scott.

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The start of our road trip at a servo in LA.  
  Refueling US road trip style.  


Pebble beach golf club in San Francisco.  
  It's the place where Tiger Woods won his first championship.  


Scrappy and I at Bird Rock on 17 Mile Drive. It's called that because there's a rock - and it has birds on it.  
  Scrappy and I have had a busy day sightseeing around San Francisco; from the Bridge to the Rock.  


I offered help pulling the cable cars up the SF hills, but they weren't impressed with Scrap Douglas' power.  
  We both thought probably not, but when you're wandering Fisherman's Wharf and see a grill like this ... the photo just takes itself!!  


Bridal falls in Yosemite National Park. Such a stunning place.  
  Scrappy felt a bit overwhelmed by the size of everything. So I had to buy a picture that kept him a bit more in perspective.  


Scrappy and I are in Seattle and contrary to the popular film title - we slept...  
  We finished up at the famous Seattle gum wall - while I chewed the fat with some locals, scrappy got stuck in...  


Scrappy and I went on a distillery tour today. Our first stop was a micro car store.  
  Then some breakfast beer.  


Scrappy and I went on a distillery tour today. Our first stop was a micro car store.  
  Then some breakfast beer.  


And we just kept 'rum-bling' along...  
  Did curiosity kill?  


We ventured into Disney today and found a land of cars!!!  
      We did a whirl wind tour of USA Today. We took in fabulous Las Vegas, Grand Central Station, the subway and even caught up with Han and Chewie. Thanks LEGOLAND!!!



MOA in the Community 2016

One of the purposes of this club is to be of some good in the community. Our Easter Raffle was for the Clown Doctors and Emerald RSL asked us to help out with parading veterans on Anzac Day.

clowndoc   anzac

Your next opportunity to help out is at Surfside Primary School Fresh Food Fair on Friday October 28th. We will raise money to help with their fresh food garden and healthy living projects. For space and insurance reasons you must let Terry know you will be coming.

  • Ring Terry 9717 3009 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Tracks October, page 7

Ring Terry 9717 3009 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tracks October, page 7

Not Just A Dash

No we're not horsing around. This is not just a dash that Ron has presented to Peter.

It represents a thank you from committee to a member who has done heaps for the club over the years.
Peter was having a little more trouble than necessary with the rebuild of his Moke.
Ron dashed in to get him over the line with one annoying issue. So truly, this is not just a dash.
It could also be thought of as a Melbourne Cup for a derserving Mokee.

Editor's Note
For those too young to know, Just A Dash won the 1981 Melbourne Cup and when he died in 2012 he was the oldest surviving Melbourne Cup winner.

International Moke Day 25th September 2016

IMD 2016 brought out a bunch of Victorian Mokes to meet at Bundoora Park in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Thanks to Andy Preston for the video on VIC MOKE and these photos.

imd16a imd16b imd16c imd16d
imd16e imd16f imd16g  

Thanks also to everyone in the Moke Owners' Association of Victoria who put their Moke into a public space on this day.