GM February 2018

The Colours of Summer


What a beautiful sight on a sunny, general meeting evening. And this isn't all of them. At one point we could count 16 Mokes outside the club room.

2017 Encouragement Award

Finally presented to Rebecca and Leigh Luxford by President Cliff. The Luxfords received the award because from the date they joined they came to all meetings and attended all trips up until they went on their 5 month round Australia trip - and therefore missed the Presentation Lunch. Also Rebecca took minutes several times at the meetings when the Secretary couldn't make it.


Video: 1987 Templestowe Hill Climb

Mark Radford (#180) has recently found and converted a Super 8 film of this event. This amazing day in club history now has its permanent home in VIC MOKE our You Tube Channel. See Video Links in Quick Links at the bottom of this page or

Mark's Other Find

Let's let Mark tell the story:

So, I was screwing the downpipe to the shed wall. I went to use the Angle Grinder to cut a pipe … and the power had gone off.
The Safety Switch had tripped. I had screwed through the Shed wall and through the power cable. In order to repair the power cable I had to pull out a shelf. An old shelf, covered in dust, dirt, mouse poo, etc.
I cleared everything off the shelf and unscrewed it off the wall. As I lifted it off I noticed an unusual ‘shape’ in amongst the grime.
It was a metal map of Australia ... with some engraving on it.
I took it inside and, with the help of some ‘Silvo’ and elbow grease, I polished it up.
The inscription is:
To Cappy

from The Boys of the 2nd 108 Transport


Many years ago I had this little Map on the front of my Green Moke. It travelled thousands of kilometres around Australia.When I painted the Moke red I took it off and haven’t seen it since. What a treasure!

Editor's Notes:

  1. Cappy was Mark's grandfather.
  2. Can anyone suggest what metal the plaque might be? Mark says: "No rust and not brass."
  3. The hunt is on. Can anyone find a photo of this plaque on Mark's Moke when it was painted green?
    Mark can't.

Sing Yourself Silly with Santa

Santa The Red-Nosed Mokee

Doug Williams # 2

Santa the red-nosed Mokee
Has a very shiny nose
That's because he takes his roof off
Ev'ry bloomin' where he goes.

All of the other Mokees
Think that Santa's cooked his brain.
They'll always have their roof up
In the sun or in the rain.

Then one full moon Christmas Eve
Santa thought anew.
Night's the time for roof down fun
In my red suit I won't turn blue.

Then all the other Mokees
Knew that Santa got it right.
Now they always take their roof off
On the run to see the Christmas lights.


Santa The Red-Nosed Mokee

Graeme Hardiman # 1399

Santa the red-nosed Mokee
Has a very shiny nose
That's because he takes his roof off
Ev'ry bloomin' where he goes.

All of the other Mokees
Haven’t got a bloomin’ clue,
How to take their flamin' roof off,
As it has been set with glue.

‘Til one soggy Christmas eve,
Santa came to say
All you other Mokees
Here is how to play.

Now all the Mokes together
Head to help Santa's sleigh
They filled all their Mokes with presents
Made the kids' Christmas Day.

Christmas at the Clubhouse 2017

A Merry Missy Christmas

  •  30 Mokes and around 65 people present but Missy and Rhonda were probably the 'best dressed'.

gmdec17b       gmdec17c

  • Santa did the right thing by the kids - small and big

gmdec17d       gmdec17e

gmdec17f       gmdec17g

gmdec17h       gmdec17i       gmdec17j

  • ...and there was ice-cream for supper. Yummy!

gmdec17k       gmdec17l

MOA True Encouragement Scholarship

mokeappr  Meet Riley McNamara, a former baker now working at Eastern Honda. Twenty-one years old, Riley was a late starter into an automotive mechanics course at Box Hill T.A.F.E. Staff soon noticed his attitude and ability and those characterisitics, combined with recognising that life was making it difficult for him to continue the course, led to Riley's selection as the first recipient of the Moke Owners' Association of Victoria apprentice support program known as the Moke Owners' Association 'True Encouragement' Scholarship.


The presentation of this magnificent tool caddy and Sidchrome tools, total value $1500, and an honorary membership of the MOAV for a year, is another example of our commitment to the article in our constitution requiring the club to be of some good in the community. Andy Preston has led us into this new adventure and the feedback from staff at the August 22nd presentation suggests that Box Hill would be very happy to continue the relationship next year.

Moke Raffle: How & Who

Our June meeting saw the drawing of the raffle for the project Moke that had been so successfully marketed since Tracel started discussions with the committee some months ago. Tracel began by retelling the back story of the Moke and how Robin's sudden passing led to this moment. We were blessed with a peek into two loving lives.


Peter had set up a computer with a neat random draw program and Tracel clicked the mouse three times to find the three winning numbers. And here they are. Watch along the top of the screen to see the prizes drawn.

raffle2     raffle3     raffle4

The lucky winners were:

  • First prize: 1975 Yellow project Moke ... Ticket 368 purchased by Mr D Butterworth
  • Second prize: $150 dollar voucher from Minis Plus ... Ticket 111 purchased by Mr R Harper
  • Third prize: $50 dollar gift card at SCA ... Ticket 218 purchased by Mr M Phillips

All proceeds to the Heart Foundation in memory of Robin. But that's not the end of the support for the foundation that will come from Robin's shed. Watch Tracks for further news.

Captured at the Club Meeting

Click a photo to enlarge it.

boxhcert  clubprd1  clubprd2

Box Hill TAFE organised a 33km fundraising walk for local charities from the Box HIll Campus to the Lilydale Campus. They asked for Mokes as support vehicles. Club members responded because ... well helping out in the community is what we do. The certificate is a thank you for our effort. And look at how much was raised on the day. Wow!

Talking of fundraising, who could go past this unique shop set up at every meeting by Bruce & Diane Stevens. Coasters and number plate frames are new this month. The frames come with and without the comment 'Mokin' is not a wealth hazard'. Get yours while they last. Come to a meeting or contact Bruce and Diane using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.