January General Meeting - Summer Time Fun

Howdy Mokees!

Here is just a little of the fun we have got up to over the summertime.

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Phillip Island Pie Man Supports Muster

When you cross the bridge from San Remo you might notice a yellow Moke on the first corner - the one that leads to Newhaven - advertising the wares of...


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Two great events for Mokes in 2016

G’day Mokees!

This month our news is all about next year.

2016 is a significant year for Mokes in Australia and we have two amazing events planned

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Meet the Mokee

G’day folks. As a second news item each month I would like to introduce you to an individual member or family.

To start off I have done a quick profile of Black Douglas, and his custodians. I’d love to get some volunteers to contribute.

Please contact me direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When you e-mail can you send:

  • 2 photos of your car
  • A contact phone number
  • Then I’ll call and go through some questions with you

OK – look forward to chatting soon!  Scott  Williams

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October General Meeting - Mitchell's Project

A Great and Special Guest

We had a fantastic October Meeting. For this news hound the highlight was special guest Mitchell Harding.

Mitchell is a year nine student who for his "Choice Journey" assessment at school decided to rebuild his family Mini Moke.

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Yarra Valley Run

 Although its been and gone the Yarra Valley run was a great time. We met at Coldstream and got a Rollin’ after some delicious tastings…

 We stopped for a yummy break at a winery in the sun where Black Douglas got to know some new friends…

 One of our last stops was at Maroondah spillway – the water was spectacular and brought out Richards artistic side…

 As well as being on time, next months news will introduce our new committee…stay tuned!!