It is that time of the year again when businesses remind us that it is better to buy than to make and nothing says I know bugger all about you like a $10 gift card, however it is also when some people spend a small truckload of cash on decorating their house and it would be remiss of us not to get out there and enjoy looking at them.

Meeting point for this journey into the fake snowfields of the northern suburbs is going to be the corner of Bridge Inn Rd and Yan Yean Rd in Doreen in the car park of the Doreen Recreation Reserve at around 8pm'ish on the 22nd.

Once it is suitably dark enough we will cruise into shoebox city and take on the masses at what is becoming a growing number of houses in one street putting on an impressive display with Ice Cream van and goodies and even Beer was being handed out last year by a rather frightening looking Santa Helper.  From there we will go on to find a few of the smaller displays and really just keep ourselves amused for a few hours driving around finding people to talk too and lights to look at. At the time of writing this is I have no idea where the good displays are going to be so bring a sense of adventure and hopefully the evening will be nice and warm.

More details maybe available on the website or via an email just prior to the evening.


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