An important part of any activity or trip run in the MOA is to record who is in attendance and you can download the form from here. This information is used for the Trip Attendance awards at the end of the Club year and for Club Permit Scheme record keeping and in some cases PLI.

The form is available in Excel of PDF form so you can download it and print it off to be filled in on the day by the attendees and you can either get that form along to the Membership secretary or transpose it onto the Excel sheet and email it This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PDF Form

Excel(.xlsx) Form

Excel(.xls) Form

The form is simple in its requirements, a Date and Trip Leaders name to be filled in at the top and for each attendee they need to provide Membership Number, Name and Rego if they are on Club Plates.

For non member just write in Guest, Name, Rego(regardless of CPS or not)