Saturday night March 2nd, 2019, was a glorious evening for a top down drive to Dandenong, destination the Lunar Drive In. Well actually, of the three couples who came, no one chose the top down alternative because Allen & Jill Whatmore and Doug. Williams and Ina Koetsier came in their OVs and Paul and Marie Eaves came in their Moke, but it has a permanent hardtop.

Everyone turned up around 19:30 as advertised and the three vehicles went in, leaving Doug, standing outside for the next 15 minutes with a clip board and an attendance sheet just in case someone had their watch on Eastern Moke Time. At 19:45 Doug walked up to the ticket box to pay and was told that a nice lady had already paid for him and he could just walk in. He met up with the others at the burger joint and there was a bit of nattering and munching before darkness crept up and we all slipped away to the movie we had chosen - there were four screens to choose from.

Top marks to Paul and Marie who did it in true Mokin' style:

eaves1     Paul and Marie in the back of Missing at the Movies

Double top marks because they stayed for the late show as well and got home very early the next day - costing Paul two days in his log book for one night out. Hmmm ... hope the films were worth it.