Finally! After postponement then cancellation in 2020 and more postponement in 2021
we were able to run our (usually) annual presentation event.

Between 50 and 60 members
were able to juggle their calendar and help create another great gathering.

Our thanks to Craig, who organised the venue and the tickets, Rhonda, Leigh, Bec, Scott
and various helpers who brought it all together and all those who came along to
fill their tummies with the yummy soups, roasts and desserts.

Special personal thanks to the chef who provided great big
bowls of whipped cream to accompany the dessert.
Every dessert is improved by whipped cream.


In between the courses there were lucky ticket prizes and trophies for, it seemed, almost everyone in the room - and some who weren't able to be with us. Attendance awards, years of membership awards, encouragement awards and various awards for service to the club. Here's a few from the many.




To round off the event there was heat after heat of the Dinky Moke Race using the traditional launch ramp that has been recently renovated by Max. Thanks Max. It looks and feels very professional.



And the winner is

... Andy Preston ...

His name will be
added to Winners' Board.

View the 2021 Dinky Moke Race video.