Tops off for Cancer

The Tops off for Cancer run had reasonable support this year from the Mokes and even had some believing we had one the 'Best Club Display', but alas it was some other group with fixed roofs, and I thought my hearing was bad.

Five Mokes took the extended version of the weekend trip and took in the historic town of Walhalla and some of Gippslands back roads for the drive down on Saturday with Gordon Paterson our leader, Tony Collins who was Marionless, Graeme and Colette Cox and myself meeting up at Pakenham.

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Falls Creek Run Report

Mokes in the Carpark at Falls Creek

Other than a bit of a no show of the snow, I really enjoyed my weekend on the road for our little adventure up to Falls Creek and it will be on my calendar again for next year which I believe has been scheduled for a little earlier to make sure we have some more snow to play in.

I cruised up highway, stopping in to find out Avenel is actually quite an interesting little town worth a further visit and not just an old roadhouse on the Hume Hwy.

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Falls Creek Report

MOA Falls Creek Run, Sunday September 13, 2015.

A really nice Sunny day greeted us as we left home and headed out of town traveling along the Kiewa Valley Hwy towards Mt Beauty. Recent rain, followed by a few days of warmer weather had the Kiewa valley looking lush and green. So Beautiful.

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Moke Ocean Road 2015

Mokes at Freestone Road Haven

Only three Mokes braved the cool and wet weather for this years Moke Ocean Road 2015 run making it quite a casual and enjoyable day and we even managed to make it to Apollo Bay for lunch this year. I met up with Laurie P. at Lara and we had a easy run down the bypass to met up with Tony and Marian C. who had travelled over to Anglesea the day before to avoid a 5am start.

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