The aim of the Club Permit is to protect our motoring heritage by encouraging enthusiasts to keep their classic cars, vehicles over 25 years old, on the road. MOA members can obtain a substantial reduction in the annual vehicle registration fee, but are limited to 45 or 90 days use per year.

The Club Permit Scheme (CPS) is operated by VicRoads in conjunction with the Association of Motoring Clubs Inc.(AOMC) with the issuing clubs and Victoria Police ensuring compliance.

The Club Permit Scheme allows approved Car Clubs to have their members unregistered vehicles older than 25 years to be driven on public roads while displaying the historic plates, or red plates as they are commonly called. Permits are available for 45 or 90 days and any use of the vehicle for the day from the place of residence must be entered into the Log Book provided. The Log Book may be audited by the Club or Vicorads at anytime.

The approved Car Club is responsible for maintaining the administration, approval and on going compliance with the conditions of the CPS for all its members who have their vehicles on club plates. Failure by an individual or a club to properly maintain this compliance and abide by the regulations imposed may see the eligibility for the CPS removed from the individual or the club ceasing historic registration for all members of that club.

Victoria Police still enforce road rules, speed and other infringements and may deem a vehicle unsafe to be on the road in the same way it does for fully registered vehicles.

Requirements of the MOA for eligibility of the CPS

  • You cannot have personalised plates, or keep your original rego number.
  • You must be a remain financial member of the MOA at all times.
  • Your Moke must be over 25 years old and be kept in roadworthy condition.
  • A valid Roadworthy Certificate is required to enter a Moke on the CPS.
  • Formal approval by way of official paperwork is required by the MOA's Club Permit Officer initially and at each 12 month renewal.
  • The MOA service fee is $45 for first registration and $30 for each renewal. The renewal fee will be waived if the member attends 3 gazetted events in the year.

Once your Moke has passed the various stages and you receive your Club Plates you need to ensure that you abide by all the regulations and conditions of the Club Permit Scheme, the key items being.

  • A proper entry is made in your vehicle Log Book prior to begining your journey for that day.
  • The Log Book must be carried with the vehicle at all times
  • The window label is attached to the windscreen at all times
  • You do not exceed the number of days allocated to your permit, either 45 or 90 days.
  • The Club Permit is not registration.
    If you breach the conditions of your Permit, such as by letting your Club membership lapse, you will be penalised for driving an unregistered vehicle.

As part of the CPS rules you must be a financial member at all times so it is your responsibility to renew your membership before the end of the MOA financial year, June 30. This date may not coincide with your CPS permit renewal date and if you're still driving your vehicle while not financial you're committing an offence by being in breach of the CPS legislation. To protect the interests of the MOA and its other members, non-financial members on the CPS will have their details passed on to VicRoads.

If for any reason your vehicle becomes unregistered due to infringement, failure to remain a financial member or the vehicle is deemed unroadworthy by the Club or Victoria Police then you will have to re-apply for the Club Permit and that would include obtaining a current Roadworthy Certificate. Depending on the circumstances of the breach the MOA may decide to decline your application.