Full Membership - $60
Up to two (2) adults and any dependent children under the age of eighteen (18) years owning or sharing a Moke or Mokes. Each membership includes one full member status under the rules of the club.

Club Plates Registration - $45 / $30
The MOA service fee is $45 for first registration and $30 for each renewal. The renewal fee will be waived if the member attends 3 gazetted events in the year. These fees are in addition to club membership fees.

Associate Membership - $50
A former full member who is not a Moke Owner. He or she shall have no voting rights at any meeting held by the Association and may not serve on the Committee.

Junior Member - $35
A Moke owner under the age of 18. He or she shall have the same status as an Associate member.

Please pay your membership by June 30th each year using one of the following methods.