John (Pop) Almond turned 90 recently and it was wonderful to have him on board with us at the Annual Presentation Dinner.

John got his nickname when he joined the club in 1983 - we all thought he was old when he joined.  Ha! ha! ... Now a lot of us are the age he was when he joined (or older!). Perhaps the laugh's on us after all.

At the dinner Pop was presented with his 35 year membership award and he won a bottle of wine in the raffle! The perfect partner to the cheese board and knife set won by his son Lee. We believe Lee was the nominated driver so Pop could have a drink. That all worked out pretty well then didn't it (wink, wink).

Pop is an absolute card and a true Mokee! More power to ya' Pop.

(Photo taken at Pop's 90th which several Mokees attended at the invitation of the family. Click to enlarge.)