Max Moke Month

It was a good plan, but the weather didn't co-operate.

One has a right to expect that an early February summer evening should have a warm, top down feel to it. Not the case. The forecast was for an Armageddon-like storm to hit just at the start of the meeting. It was a half an hour late and it wasn't a war zone but it was very wet.

The result was 6 Mokes were parked outside the clubhouse. We had Min Moke Month instead!

It begs the question Which month will be Max Moke Month? in this 50th year of our club.

When Is Our Birthday?

The inaugural meeting of what became (on the day) the Moke Owners' Association of Victoria was 2pm Saturday March 15th 1969 at 65 Whitworth Avenue, Springvale. Eight Moke owners attended, including the co-Founder, Peter Gilbert and they were the first 8 members of the club.

While we are speaking historically, your club also believes it is the first club for Mokes in the world.

Member Update

As of the meeting night we had 260 members. If 'H', who was visiting to 'check us out' likes what he saw then we might soon be 261. There's always room for one more.

 How Will We Celebrate?

We're gonna party! First up is a 60s Beach Party in West Rosebud on Sunday February 17th. That will be followed on Saturday March 23rd with the Big Birthday Bash at Akoonah Park Hall Berwick from 17:00. Ring Rhonda (0419 580 924) for both these events and find more details in Tracks for these and other events as the year progresses.

What's Happened to Tracks?

It's gone full colour from February! You might not have noticed if you get it electronically because you are used to seeing colour on screen. But those who still receive a hard copy version will see the difference. And it's cost the club less to give you this much more.

How can that be?

The answer is that Scott Williams is manager of Le Pine Funerals, Box Hill, and the company asked each manager to nominate a community organisation they were passionate about with a view to it receiving sponsorship. Scott asked if his organisation could be the MOAV and whether the sponsorship could be in the form of printing the club magazine using the company's facilities. As you can see the answer was yes and the club only has to supply the paper. That will make a significant difference to our monthly balance sheet. Thanks Scott and Le Pine Funerals.