Were you there? Check out the video on VIC MOKE prepared by Andy and Jye Preston.

  • Heaps of people
  • Heaps of presentations
  • Heaps of Moke Racing

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  •  Bob Higgins ... new Life Member
  • Gordon Patterson ... Odd Mokee of the year
  • More information in September Tracks

With Committee's encouragement and support, Axel and Helen Bendix have been working on a new barcode membership card system. They displayed the prototype at the May meeting. Soon you will be able to scan your way into a meeting to have your attendance recorded. If Pop Almond can do it on his 88th birthday (he was driving his Moke the day before) then anyone can do it.


Record keeping is going to be so much easier.
When you come to the computer you will see:
these instructions followed by ... your name on screen
scanscr1 ... scanscr2
after swiping the card.

And when the meeting is over, stick around for supper. Phil Young from Tecoma did. It was his first meeting - he joined the club that night - and it seems like he was already in an eating contest with Bob Higgins. Phil recently purchased his Moke in Tassie and drove it back to Melbourne.


Seems like Gordon had too much time on his hands at work recently.


With a little slight of hand, a photocopier and a pair of scissors he claims to have produced the world's first (cardboard) stretch Moke.

Remember the Easter Raffle? It's become a traditional part of the Moke Owners' Association principle of being of some good to the community. This year the proceeds will be going to the Clown Doctors.



Tickets for two big prizes were available at the March GM and at the Muster. And there was a huge auction at the Muster dinner which also went into the pot. So how much did we raise for Clown Doctors???

Fantastic effort from Mokees who came from all over Australia.
Visit the Clown Doctors site.


Mmm... That red well. Heaven nose it was a great effort.

May Tracks features reports from the National Moke Muster in Shepparton. You will also find an additional report of the South West Wander, which was one of the tours on Easter Sunday, in the Trip Reports link above.

Written by Mark Radford, trip leader, with photographs by Doug. Williams, this report links to a video of the event which is stored on VIC MOKE the club's YouTube channel. Great reading and great viewing - go for it!

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