What a wonderful experience. As instructed by the constitution all committee positions are declared vacant at each AGM and an election is held to fill vacancies. At the 2016 AGM, for the first time in many years, at the end of the meeting all committee positions had been filled.

This reflects two things:

  1. The growth in membership - several positions were filled by relatively recent club members.
  2. The growing understanding within the club that its success is directly connected to the willingness of its members to be involved in big and small ways.

Meet your new committee.



  • Rhonda Flynn


  • Ann Pritchard


  • Clive Allan
 rhonda  ann  clive


Membership Secretary

  • Helen Bendix

Tracks Editor

  • Peter Holland

Trip Co-ordinator

  • Andy Preston
 helen  peter h  andy


Club Products

  • Bruce & Diane Stevens

Ordinary Members

  • Bill Bell
 Bruce & Diane  bill


  • Bill Dight
  • Max Pemberton
  • Cliff Pritchard
 bill dight  max  bill

MOA Details

Moke Owners Association of Victoria

P.O. Box 3010

Nunawading VIC 3131

Reg. No. A0001466M

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