Service Days

The Moke Owners Association holds regular Service Days where members are encouraged to come along with their Mokes, or parts thereof, and receive assistance and knowledge about working on their Moke restoration or just keeping their vehicle on the road. Currently Service days are held in the Eastern and Outer Northern suburbs alternating between the two venues roughly every six weeks.

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Social Drives

As with any Car club, a big part of the Moke Owners Association is just getting out for a drive in your Moke for a day or so with other like minded owners. Our calendar has regular day trips to nowhere in particular and other days to somewhere with a purpose. In most case these social drives are open to non-club members too. So come along and be a part of the day to check out the club and perhaps join the MOA if you like what you see.

Monthly General Meetings

At 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month, members of the Moke Owners Association gather for a General Meeting. Over a couple of hours there is formal committee business, reports on past and upcoming trips and general discussion. Many meetings have a theme and some are supported by a guest speaker.Tea, coffee and finger food is provided.

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MOA Memberships

Full Membership - $60
Up to two (2) adults and any dependent children under the age of eighteen (18) years owning or sharing a Moke or Mokes. Each membership includes one full member status under the rules of the club.

Club Plates Registration - $45 / $30
The MOA service fee is $45 for first registration and $30 for each renewal. The renewal fee will be waived if the member attends 3 gazetted events in the year. These fees are in addition to club membership fees.

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MOA Payment Options

There are various method by which you can pay for your memebrship, club products, fund raising and other expenses. By selecting the read more link you can see the details for direct debit, cash and cheque however at this time the club does not accept credit card payments.

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Membership Application Form

The Moke Owners Association welcomes new applications for membership and applications from past members wishing to rejoin. Download a Membership Application Form and return it via post or email to the Membership Secretary. MOA rules require new applicants to own a Moke at the time of application. Therefore we would appreciate a photo of your Moke (or significant collection of bits) included with your application. If you sell your Moke you can remain a member and we hope you might purchase another one in the future.

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Members Area

The Members Area of the web site allows members and Committee of the Moke Owners Association to access options and services as part of the benefits of being a member of the MOA. Members may request access to the Members Area by sending an email containing their membership number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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MOA Constitution

The Moke Owners Association is incorporated in Victoria and must abide by the Incorporations Act. We have our own Constitution and club rules which guide how we function as a club and how we expect members to behave. You may download a copy of the Moke Owners Association Constitution in PDF form by clicking on the link.

Tracks by Email

Tracks is our fabulous monthly mag designed to keep members informed about the Moke Owners Association, Mokes and the Moking World. Check out the gallery of covers from recent issues in the Download Tracks link in the Quick Link box at the bottom of this page. As a member of the Moke Owners Association you can receive the monthly Tracks magazine by email instead of the paper version sent via Australia Post. Each month you will receive an email with a link allowing you to download the current edition of Tracks.

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Club Permit Scheme

Details about the Club Permit Scheme