June 30th was Memorabilia Day - an event in our celebration of 50 years of the Moke Owners' Association of Victoria. A perfect day for the first public showing of the restored eMoke, which has been 5+ years in the making. This vehicle is being rebuilt to display standard.

Restoration to running order is simply not possible. This is how it looked in October 2017 after the first 3+ years.

eMoke20171017A Copy

eMoke20171017B Copy

This is how it looked at the Memorabilia Day.

emoke01 emoke02 emoke03

You can't see the two lift motors underneath. This nightmare of electrical wiring is driven by the battery arrangement in the next photo.


No room for shopping that's for sure.
The dummy batteries - all correctly connected - were supplied by Century Batteries.

emoke05 emoke06

The odometer reading is genuine. This vehicle has only been driven in trialling during its original design and build days at Johns Perry Lifts in the 1980s.

Day done, it's back to the workshop to finalise details like a couple of missing switches.

emoke07 emoke08

Thanks Leigh for trailering to and fro. And a huge thanks to all who have brought the vehicle back to this standard - Brad, Bruce J., David, Clive, Bob, Glenn and others, including Bill Bell who organised the sand blasting.

See videos of loading the trailer at our You Tube channel VIC MOKE: