Queensland member Bevan Slater worked for 4 years building his 6 wheel Moke ute, recently chistened Endeavour, from 2 rusty Moke shells. An appropriate name you would have to agree, because this project was certainly one heck of an endeavour.

bev6w01   bev6w03

"I was inspired by Sam Brown in Western Australia who built a six-wheeler as a service vehicle", Bevan said.



Bevan's unnamed Moke was finally registered on November 14th 2019 and in January 2020 he entered it in the Killarney Show Ute display on a whim. The Moke was awarded:

  • 2nd: Classic Ute
  • 1st: Best of Other Make Ute (other than Holden or Ford)
  • and ... Best in Show.

He went home loaded with prizes ... 2 ribbons, a bottle of Wash & Wax, a $100 gift voucher and a set of floor mats.

"Still cannot believe it. I didn't expect to win anything. I just loved chatting with all the people who rocked up. I'm tickled pink."

Bevan has written out a recipe to guide any future Mokee who wants to take on a 6 wheel project - in fact, if the truth's known, any Moke rebuild project. It's been published in a couple of places, but to make the tongue sticking in the author's cheek a little clearer, we took a few liberties when creating a video version of the Recipe for Building a 6 Wheel Moke. Click this link or find it on VIC MOKE, the MOAV YouTube channel.


And there is a postscipt. Did you notice the sticker on Endeavour's sidebox?

"I had a sticker made up for what was our BMC/Leyland Dealership in NSW. Dad sold the place in 1992 after 38 years . I thought it would be a nice family touch."