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What a great party! Saturday March 23rd, 2019, over 120 Mokees and friends from our past, present and future gathered at Akoonah Park Centre, Berwick, to kick off a night of tall tales and true from the legendary past of the Moke Owners' Association of Victoria.

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That's Ross Brooks in the foreground of the second photo, the original Member 15 (joined May 1969) and from July 1969 the club's first elected secretary. He can also lay fame to christening the club newsletter 'Tracks' from the February 1970 edition.

There's a short video of the party getting started on VIC MOKE, the club's YouTube channel at:

There were a couple of speeches and presentations early on (while Rod's Roasts magnificent spread was being laid out). One was Doug Williams who co-founded the club with Peter Gilbert. He was introduced by Rhonda Flynn, lead organiser of the evening. For what was probably the first time in his life, Doug had very little to say, but at least he knew how to dress for the occasion.


Later in the evening President Glenn Golds, invited three Mokees to talk about what the Club meant to them: Ross Brooks, Gordon Paterson and Ron Dickson.

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Ross told us about the early months of the club, which sounded just a bit cavalier. Gordon talked about his experiences in the club during the past decade and emphasised how much more he got from the club because he had not only come to events, but had organised some. He encouraged us all to both come and contribute.

Ron told about the 80s and beyond, which sounded pretty crazy with sometimes as many as three events in a week. He claimed he had grown up in the club. That can't be right, can it? Is it possible to drive a Moke and leave childhood behind? Perhaps he meant he had grown older in the club : )

Whichever, he has certainly learnt a lot of skills in his time. He made this Moke letterbox for Paul Eaves (he's 'made' real Mokes too). Trouble is, it's too good to stick outside on a gate post! Paul is chatting with Trevor Ollive, another one who has been around the club for decades.


Of course there had to be a birthday cake. That's Rhonda lighting the candles. The candles were moulded by Andrew Pugsley ... Now if only they could be made of icing sugar.

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Seems Rhonda wants to cut the cake too. Who would dare argue with that!


Microphone in hand, knife at the ready, or tea towel in her hair (what!)...


...this party simply would not have been the same without Rhonda. Sure she had an amazing team behind her - all of the Committee plus more - and Axel and Bec were part of it, but ... she just did so much before and during and edited Tracks for the month at the same time. There would have been a party without Rhonda, but not like this. As Glenn said afterwards, "Loved it!"

Now for the next 50 years.